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April's Trend Report into the World of Work

Welcome to our first Trend Report into the World of Work - your new monthly guide to navigating the ever changing landscape of workplace culture.

Authored by Alex Young, Director of Projects, and Alana Harris, our Brand Manager, this series aims to keep you informed and inspired with the latest developments and insights shaping how we work today. As the world evolves, so too does the way we approach our professional lives.

From innovative office furniture designs to insightful analyses of shifting workforce trends, we're here to bring you the essential updates that will help you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of work.

Trend #1 - There is an improved way for you start your week positively

We absolutely love this visual newsletter on positive mental attitude, with data-driven insights into friendships and relationships, delivered free every Monday morning, from Mack Seale!

Trend #2 - IKEA launch a new office range

Did you know that Ikea have released a new collection of office furniture, designed for complete focus?! From adjustable desks to sound-proof screens, the new Mittzon collection adapts to the way people work today.

Trend #3 - Your quarterly planning has never been so streamlined

Natwest GBEA Young Entrepreneur of the Year and founder of two brands that are paving the way in D2C fitness concepts, Grace Beverley is a successful female entrepreneur shaking up the archaic business world, with a global reach of over 1.5 million. Grace was named first in Forbes 30 under 30’s retail and e-commerce list, aged twenty-three. Grace’s inspiring narrative led to her ranking as the 26th most influential online creator by The Sunday Times and featured in Glamour as one of ‘the 10 amazing multi-hyphenates to be inspired by’. Join her as she plans her next 3 months in this incredibly useful ‘Step-by-Step Framework For Staying On Track With Your Goals’ YouTube video.

Trend #4 - Forget 'Quiet Quitting', introducing ‘Quit-Tok'

Have you heard of ‘Quit-Tok’ This piece in the FT explains what it is and outlines why young workers are refusing to leave their job quietly, not one to miss if you’re an employer of a Gen Z team.

“Quit-Tok” videos aim to take what would usually be a private chat in a side room with managers and make it as public as possible. Gen Z workers in particular are posting videos of online calls in which they resign or are made redundant on social media sites such as TikTok as they wage a campaign of workplace transparency. Tech workers and schoolteachers are the source of many of the videos but they have also been posted by blue-collar workers. The vast majority of the people behind them have been women.

Trend #5 - McKinsey cover how to hire well right now

High turnover, shrinking pipelines, inflation—the talent market remains in flux. Here’s what you should be doing differently. In this episode of McKinsey Talks Talent, talent experts Bonnie Dowling, Bryan Hancock, and Bill Schaninger talk with McKinsey Global Publishing’s Lucia Rahilly about the latest research on the Great Attrition and Great Attraction—and specifically, what leaders should be doing now to gain traction in a volatile talent landscape.

And there you have it - your monthly dose of insights into the evolving world of work.

We hope you found this instalment of our new Trend Report into the World of Work enlightening. We are committed to providing you with the latest trends, developments and strategies to navigate the complexities of modern work life successfully. Stay tuned for next month's edition, where we'll delve into even more exciting updates and innovations shaping the future of work. Until then, keep striving, adapting and thriving in your professional endeavours.

Feel free to submit your own trend here, we'd love to hear from you!


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