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Better Business

A fundamental belief of ours at Projects is that businesses can be a force for good in the world.


We’re proud to be a part of the movement of organisations certifying as a B Corp, demonstrating our commitment to taking people and the planet into consideration for every decision we make and not just focusing on profit. 

Forest Trees

We see the process of becoming a B Corp as a training course on how to be a business that makes a positive difference in 5 key areas: the environment, governance of the organisation, the company’s workers, its customers and its community, too.


As a company has direct impact on thousands of people each day (our team, members and visitors), we feel immense gratitude to be able to play such a leading role in our community and their sustainability efforts.


Beyond our B Corp application, our team at Projects is motivated to create a more inclusive future and lower our entire carbon footprint emissions, year on year. We're constantly reviewing our impact through qualitative and quantitate surveys amongst our team, members and other stakeholders and assessing our supply chain, looking for ways to improve. It’s a never-ending journey and one we look forward to working on.


Find a summarised overview of our people and planet commitments below and stay tuned across our blog, social media and events programme to hear updates on our B Corp status and other related initiatives:




At Projects, we believe that it is our responsibility to create inclusive spaces that contribute positively to both our regular group of members and our wider communities. That is why we:


Support our local communities

- We prioritise shopping from local and minority-owned suppliers

- We regularly fundraise and donate all profits to Brighton based charities

- We fully fund and run an accelerator programme where 10 purpose driven organisations a year are given free memberships and access to experts within our community to help them scale and create jobs in the local area

- We provide discounted memberships, meeting room and event space hire to blue badge holders, students, charities and community groups


Actively promote inclusion

- We employ a blind-hiring process to reduce bias in recruitment

- We are dedicated to ensuring we uphold best practises for diversity, equality and inclusion in our recruitment, onboarding and ongoing training process

- We have gender-neutral toilets

- We promise to book out private rooms for free in our sites for all prayer and maternity needs


Strive to be exceptional employers

- We ensure that all our staff and contractors, including cleaners, are paid at least the Living Wage and we provide an annual £2,000 self directed fund for each of our team members to be able to upskill

- Our employees receive paid time off for volunteering

- All of our team are mental health first aid training and we offer comprehensive, fully-funded mental health support

- We provide a wide range of employee benefits and perks that go above and beyond, these are chosen by our team




At Projects, we are committed to making our buildings and services as environmentally friendly as possible. While we are in the process of developing a comprehensive strategy to achieve this, which will be implemented in Q4 of 2023, we have already taken significant steps to minimise our environmental impact. These include:


Energy and waste reduction

- We have installed smart thermostats and occupancy sensors to reduce energy usage

- All our buildings have a comprehensive recycling programme

- We compost all food waste

️- We procure 100% renewable electricity


Sustainable construction and operations

- During our construction processes, we strive to recycle as many materials as possible

- We preferentially use recycled materials in our fit-outs

- We responsibly dispose of hazardous waste materials


Eco-friendly site services

- We use non-toxic cleaning products

- We have increased bike storage in our buildings to encourage cycling

- We are actively reducing the use of plastic, especially single-use items, on our sites

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What’s next?


We recognise that our journey towards being the change we aspire to be in the world has just begun. In 2024, we will begin publishing our annual impact reports and publicly available targets, ensuring that we hold ourselves accountable to our goals, as well as our employees and stakeholders.


In the meantime, we welcome your suggestions for improvements or any questions regarding our efforts to address social and environmental issues. Change is a conversation and we are eager to engage with you. 


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