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Our values


Projects’ culture is driven by a shared passion for our mission and our values. Our values are the beliefs and principles that drive us as a business. They help us work better together as a team and ensure our members know what to expect from us.

Joining us as a member means you’ll become of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, startups, agencies, and growing companies that prioritise their impact on the world. You’ll be contributing to something greater than yourself and your business. In the process, you’ll be able to benefit from the support of a constantly expanding, forward thinking network that is committed to upholding the same values. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re in the process of being awarded our B Corp status and that we’ve always been a Living Wage Employer. Our business decisions are guided by our impact on people and the planet, this includes how we clean and heat our spaces to the suppliers we collaborate with and the work styles of our teams.

We firmly believe that every action we make can contribute to a significant positive difference for everyone and we’re dedicated to upholding this responsibility. Our values are to inspire and to include.


Read more about them below.


To inspire

The combination of our beautiful work spaces and our emphasis on personal and professional progression makes us a place where everyone feels inspired. We pride ourselves on our stunning spaces and amenities that motivate people to feel and do their best at work. We know, however, that high quality spaces by themselves only go so far.


Every interaction we have with someone in one of our spaces is an opportunity for us to:

  • Make them feel considered and cared for

  • Encourage them to contribute to our community

  • Inspire them to use their business as a force for good

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To include

Projects has always welcomed everybody and will continue to do so. It’s our priority to enable our team and members here to feel immediately included in this community, no matter their needs, background, industry, interests or mission.


Projects is known and loved for its inclusive atmosphere. Diverse work spaces foster better engagement and productivity. We know that there are endless benefits to having varying perspectives to approach business challenges in a new way.

We also know that a sense of belonging is crucial when it comes to wellbeing. Belonging is the feeling of connectedness to a community.

Through our fully accessible and carefully thought through spaces, we can ensure everyone feels accepted and valued by:

  • Being authentic and open to build trust

  • Acting with competence and initiative

  • Remaining empathetic toward others, always


Join us at Projects

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