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Projects Accessibility Policy

Our commitment to physical and digital accessibility at Projects

At Projects, we are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive workspace environment for all individuals, including those with specific accessibility requirements. 


We strive to ensure that our physical spaces and digital presence are accessible and fully accommodate the diverse needs of our members and visitors.


We are committed to continuously improving our accessibility features and welcome feedback from our members and visitors. If you have any suggestions or require further information regarding accessibility at Projects, please contact us directly:


Physical spaces


Parking and external access

  • We have on-site parking is available on request in both of our sites

  • There are no steps or stairs to access the main entrance of the Lanes building, ensuring easy access for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility impairments

  • The entrance at Lanes is wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids

We must acknowledge that due to the presence of Grade II listed parts within our Beach space, we have faced certain limitations in implementing accessibility measures. Despite these restrictions, we place great importance on promoting inclusivity and strive to do everything within our power to ensure equal access and opportunities for everyone. We recognise that there may be areas where our efforts fall short and we are committed to being transparent about these shortcomings. We actively encourage feedback to help us identify areas for improvement and we pledge to continuously work towards enhancing accessibility within the boundaries of our constraints

Interior access

  • The ground floor of our Lanes workspace is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, including a compact lift to for those who cannot use stairs

  • Corridors and pathways throughout the Lanes building are wide enough to allow easy navigation for wheelchair users

  • Our Lanes work space is equipped with a two lifts, providing access to all floors

Facilities and amenities

  • Accessible toilets with grab rails and sufficient manoeuvring space are available on each floor in the Lanes building

  • There is a designated quiet floor for individuals who may require a calm and quiet environment in the Beach building

  • Service animals are welcome in all areas in both premises

Support and feedback

  • Please inform us in advance about any specific accommodations or assistance required and we will do our best to accommodate your needs

  • We highly value feedback and continuously strive to improve our accessibility. If you have any suggestions on how we can enhance our accessibility measures, please contact us by email at We will make every effort to address your concerns and provide the necessary assistance

  • We are committed to implementing ongoing improvements in accessibility. We regularly review our accessibility practices, conduct audits and seek feedback from users to identify areas where we can enhance accessibility at our workspaces

  • We work alongside our in-house workplace neurodiversity partner, Exceptional Individuals, in order to ensure our own team members receive bespoke support via workplace assessments which identify solutions and reasonable adjustments to challenges experienced by neurodivergent employees

  • We can assist members and companies in establishing support for their neurodivergent employees through our partner, Exceptional Individuals

  • In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, we make reasonable adjustments to all Projects team members’ roles and working conditions if they have a disability that places them at a disadvantage when performing their role and we ensure compliance with our obligations in this regard


Digital presence


We aim to ensure that we provide an approachable digital experience for everyone who interacts with Projects online, regardless of physical or cognitive ability, and including those who use assistive technology


  • Accessibility is an ongoing commitment and we undertake periodic accessibility reviews of our website and social media accounts

  • Accessibility will be considered from the start when developing new products and services, or partnership proposals, ensuring accessibility is built and iterated in a way that is both scalable and sustainable

  • Our websites link to a number of third party websites. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine the level of accessibility for these sites or content published by third parties


If you have trouble accessing any of the information on this website, please email us at and we will work with you to provide the information you need through an accessible communication method.

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