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Partnering with Landlords

For the past 7 years, Projects has partnered with landlords to assist them in expanding their business, elevating their assets and revitalising their portfolios. We've come renowned for designing and operating flexible work spaces that companies adore, fostering proven loyalty, growth, and profitability year after year.
We prioritise open communication. Our approach isn't just about creating flexible spaces; it's about fostering trust and collaboration with our partners. At Projects, we're committed to ensuring our sites are as sustainable as possible, only ever using renewable energy, prioritising recycled materials whenever feasible and working on achieving Net Zero by 2030. We’re proud to be a certified B Corp - our ways of working are fully aligned with the better business framework, placing people and the planet high on our agenda.

In an ever evolving real estate landscape, landlords face the challenge of adapting their properties to meet the demands of modern occupiers. At Projects, we specialise in helping landlords transform their buildings into fully-serviced, flexible work spaces that add value to their portfolios and their communities.


Unlocking building value

We don’t just create flexible work spaces; we revolutionise properties by maximising their potential. By partnering with us, landlords tap into premium ERVs and unlock hidden value within their buildings, transforming them into vibrant hubs of activity and productivity. Every property is unique and so are its needs. Our experienced team works closely with landlords to tailor our services to fit the specific requirements of each property and its target market. Whether it’s leasing options, operational management or community engagement, we ensure that our solutions align perfectly with their goals. 


90% of employees seek flexible work environments. Projects spaces are tailored to fit the new world of work, attracting top companies, increasing occupancy rates and injecting financial activity and energy into the area.

Streamlined operations

Landlords can trust us to handle all aspects of work space management and operation, allowing them to focus on their core business while we take care of the rest. From filling the space to running day-to-day operations, we deliver seamless experiences for both landlords and tenants alike.


Designed to weather market fluctuations, our partnership guarantees long-term, premium returns for our valued partners.

The Loft Projects Lanes.jpg

Direct relationships

With Projects, landlords can maintain a direct relationship with their occupier, retaining control of their assets while enjoying the benefits of a fully serviced work space model. Our platform drives income, offers a full suite of business services and fosters a sense of community within each property.


70% of companies list flexible space as a top 3 desire. We take care of all the operations, allowing landlords to offer a premium service to a brand new market.

The future of work is flexible and Projects enables landlords to embrace it. By partnering with us, landlords can future-proof their properties, stay ahead of market trends and capitalise on the growing demand for dynamic work space solutions.

Join us in reimagining the way we work and collaborate. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can work together to unlock the full potential of your properties.

"At Nile House in Central Brighton, Projects' expert design and management team have been able to fill our building within 2 months of opening, establishing it as the city's most desirable workspace. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in every meticulous detail, fostering an environment where collaboration thrives effortlessly.


Thanks to Projects, Nile House stands as a beacon of vibrancy and purpose, attracting individuals and businesses alike who seek not just a place to work, but a meaningful community to be a part of. Nile House now embodies the epitome of modern work space design."


Landlord: Private Consortium

Property: Projects, The Lanes

Demise: 26,000 sqft

"Projects has revitalised our 16,000 square feet space on Ship Street, seamlessly blending innovation with the historical significance of our Grade 2 listed building. Despite the challenges inherent in such architectural constraints, Projects' team have masterfully curated an environment that exudes inclusivity and fosters innovation.

What truly sets Projects apart is their world class team. From our initial brainstorming sessions through to the final execution, their dedication shines through in every interaction. Working with Projects over the past 7 years has not only been a professional success but also an inspiring journey of collaboration and we're looking forward to what the future holds."


Landlord: G Five Ltd

Property: Projects, Beach

Demise: 16,000 sqft


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