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Projects' Charity Partners

As well as offering 25% off our meeting rooms, event spaces and memberships for all charities, we have one key charity partner in each of our sites. This is chosen by our members and team! 


We create a bespoke partnership with our key charity partners, offering them use of our space in whichever ways are most valuable to them, we focus our fundraising efforts on them and organise volunteering opportunities for our community, too.


Find out about our amazing charity partners for 2024 here!

Together Co - Projects The Lanes' charity partner

At Projects, we are honoured to stand alongside Together Co as our esteemed charity partner at Projects The Lanes. Together Co is a beacon of hope in Brighton, Hove, and beyond, dedicated to eradicating loneliness and social isolation through the transformative strength of human connection. Together Co is a social health charity, combatting loneliness and isolation in cities. They offer a range of programmes to get people connected and this includes all those businesses and freelancers who walk into Projects. Their mission aligns perfectly with our values. In a city of nearly 300,000 people, their goal of ensuring no one feels lonely or disconnected is inspirational and we're so proud to be supporting them. 

We are immensely proud to be home to Together Co and to know that our partnership contributes to their team's incredible work, alleviating loneliness and fostering connection. Together, hand in hand, we can ensure that no one walks their path alone.

We know first-hand the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. Our partnership with Together Co is the perfect example of that. We have had nearly every business based at Projects involved in befriending, skill sharing or attending their events since we joined forces. Together Co have made us see more clearly than ever before that co-working spaces can be so much more than just places to work; they can be places to connect, to grow and to belong.

'Our collaboration has highlighted how co-working spaces can actively participate in promoting social health. We can (and should) do so much more than just provide chairs, desks and coffee machines. We live and breathe community and I urge other co-working spaces to think about their roles in their cities. How can they, too, collaborate with organisations like Together Co to combat isolation and foster a sense of community? In these ever-evolving urban landscapes, co-working spaces have the potential to be the new town squares, the new community centres. With partners like Together Co, we're showing just how powerful that can be. I hope we all can continue to find innovative ways to support our communities.'

Alex Young, Director at Projects

Together Co's presence at Projects The Lanes is not just about a physical location; it's about an opportunity to unite our community to create a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone. Join us in championing Together Co's remarkable work. Learn more about them here.

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TDC - Projects Beach's charity partner

Projects is deeply committed to nurturing inclusive communities and empowering grassroots initiatives. That's why we are delighted to be able to collaborate with the Trust for Developing Communities (TDC). They are our charity partner at Projects Beach.


Established in 2000, TDC is a driving force behind grassroots community development across Brighton and Hove, tirelessly championing equality and community-led change. TDC's approach is rooted in community leadership, aiming to address and overcome the disparities experienced by diverse communities in both identity and locale. They are dedicated to working across neighbourhoods, bridging generational gaps by engaging with adults, youth and seniors.


Their team of passionate individuals employs a variety of methods, including group activities, forums and partnerships with other organisations, to instigate and support community-driven transformations. Their impact extends beyond regular community involvement; TDC undertakes specialised consultancy and research projects, conducting surveys, needs assessments and tailoring training programs to suit the needs of community settings. With a profound belief that people's well-being lies at the heart of all their endeavours, TDC addresses issues ranging from mental health challenges like low mood, self-esteem and confidence to fundamental necessities such as nutrition, housing and access to essential services.

Partnerships with specialist organisations further fortify their efforts in addressing societal needs, amplifying the voices of communities to express their requirements to service providers and citywide forums. Our collaboration with Trust for Developing Communities at Projects Beach is more than a partnership; it's a shared commitment to fostering equitable, resilient and vibrant communities. We are proud to stand alongside TDC, supporting their unwavering dedication to community-driven change and their tireless efforts to create a more inclusive and thriving society.

Together, let's build communities where diversity is celebrated, voices are heard, and everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Learn more about TDC here.

Want to talk to us about charity partnerships?

We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities to support our local community here at Projects.

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