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Brighton’s Small Charities You Should Be Supporting

When it comes to supporting a charity, there are two initial questions: What’s your cause, and which charity facilitating your cause should you get behind?

With so much vital work being done by charities, choosing a cause can be daunting. Ask yourself, if you could be part of one change in the world, what would it be, and you’ll find your cause.

Next, it’s finding the right charity. Looking locally is a good place to start as they tend to be doing work in your area, giving you more opportunities to get involved in their work and it’s more likely to resonate with you and the people in your network who you’ll likely call on for donations, or participation.

Here’s our list of Brighton-based charities we’ve worked over the years and know are doing good things across a variety of causes:

Allsorts Allsorts is a youth project based on Ship Street that supports and connects children and young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBT+).

They operate a 24hour text helpline, alongside emotional support groups for children and young people, spaces for parents and carers of LGBT+ youth and train the wider community to make spaces safer for LGBT+ people. Their website has great resources, including reading suggestions for young people, a podcast and resource guides. You can support the work that Allsorts does by hosting a fundraiser, buying something form their shop and becoming an Allsorts Champion.

AudioActive AudioActive work with young people as musical artists, providing opportunities to be creative regardless of background.

Their programmes are artist led, music and talent development workshops. Passionate about social change, one of their sessions, Room to Rant, provides a safe space for young men to vent through rap whilst nurturing talent, working to get young offenders a foothold in the music industry.

AudioActive are currently looking to team up with local businesses, see their supporters page for who they’re working with and how to get in touch.

FareShare Sussex FareShare redistribute good-quality, in-date food industry surplus to people who need it most, delivering food to charities and groups who work to provide additional health support and counselling. Between 2020 and 2021, they delivered 1500 tonnes of food to 161 different charities and community groups, who in turn have fed over 21,500 people every week. Environmentally conscious, FareShare Sussex uses electric vehicle to deliver their goods.

They have many partnerships and projects you can support, including The FLAVOUR Project (tackling food waste and poverty), Reaching Surrey (expand their charitable services) and the Surplus Food Network (increasing the amount of food being saved). Give through your business, donate food and volunteer with them to help their mission!

Justlife Operating in Brighton and Manchester, Justlife is a homeless charity that works to provide long-term solutions to homelessness, by preventing people falling into rough sleeping. They help by providing guidance to move people away from homelessness, working with landlords to improve living conditions and improving access to medical support to improve their clients’ mental and physical health.

Justlife have dozens of ways for people to support them that you can find here:

Little Green Pig Little Green Pig aims to improve literacy, communications skills and self-confidence by getting children and young adults in Sussex to experiment with creative writing. They run after school-clubs, workshops and projects in schools, libraries, galleries and youth clubs. They are looking for volunteers to lead these workshops, become story mentors and fundraises. You can donate as a corporate donor and as a member of their Fiver Club, as well as many other ways.

Mind Mind works to promote good mental health across Sussex. They offer a range of services, from advice, information, training, participation, and advocacy services. Their website provides lots of information on local mental health services, advice on improving your mental health, resources for carers and legal advice.

Support the work done by Mind by partnering with them to raise awareness about mental health in the workplace, donating and fundraising for them. Find out more ways you can help by checking out their ‘get involved’ section.

Off the Fence Off the Fence’s mission is to end “social and spiritual poverty” in Brighton and Hove, where they operate across three main areas: homelessness, women at risk and schools and youth. They provide short and long-term solutions, through their day centres, outreach vans and local schools.

They currently have several fundraising events, including the Big Sleep Out and Supper with the Mayor. You can purchase something form their shop, and also subscribe to donate monthly, whether its £5 a month or £20.

Project Harar Based in Brighton, Project Harar work to provide access to treatment to children and young adults in Ethiopia with cleft palate alongside other complex facial disfigurements and, more recently, provide relief to rural communities during the pandemic. They offer speech and language therapy post-surgery, as well as government health and social worker training. Since 2001 they’ve provided relief for more than 8,000 patients. You can support the life-changing work done by Project Harar by donating medical equipment, leaving a legacy gift and becoming a corporate partner.

RISE Brighton’s RISE helps people affected by domestic abuse. They stand for refuge, information, support and education. They operate a domestic abuse helpline, where their helpline workers listen and give you support, advice and information. They offer counselling, training, online learning and more. Their website also has a bunch of resources to help people with anxiety, PTSD and depression.

You can help RISE continue their essential work by organising a fundraiser, volunteering with them or by donating directly to the charity.

The Hummingbird Project A Brighton-based charity working locally with young refugees that campaigns nationally, The Hummingbird Project actively campaign for the rights and protection of refugees. They run a Global Social Club for anyone aged 14-25, a Young Women’s Group, a Young Leaders Programme and 1:1 tuition spaces and specialist support. You can fund the work they do by donating directly.

The Wave Project The Wave Project supports children and young people who experience a range of physical and mental health issues, social deprivation, or social isolation. Young people attending the surf therapy courses are supported through surfing to build confidence and self-esteem, develop resilience, and make friends.

The Wave Project has lost funding during the pandemic are looking for donations. Email if you do make a donation, as they would like to thank you personally and see if there’s any support they can offer in return.

Whoopsadaisy Whoopsadaisy provide life-changing programmes for children within a wide range of disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, from Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area. Based in Preston Park, they have programmes to build mobility, confidence, and independence.

They offer community partnerships to corporations and suggest to support them you should encourage a team of employees to volunteer in a project, sponsor one of their events or organise team-building fundraising events within your company. If you don’t know where to start your fundraising or need help planning your event, here’s a list of resources to get your plan of action off the ground: Brighton is a hub for dozens of charitable organisations and groups; let us know if we’ve missed one you’re passionate about by contacting us on Instagram.


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