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The Best of Brighton by Brighton On the Inside

We might not have the weather of the Costa Del Sol, but Brighton wins hands down with the fun factor when it comes to culture, events, eating and drinking.

We spoke to Brighton on the Inside Editor, Amy Brooke, to get the inside scoop on the best underground events and most exciting restaurant openings coming up in our city.

Hi Amy! You're the Editor of the brilliant Brighton on the Inside. Tell us about the magazine?

Hello! Ah, thanks for the compliment! So, we’re the little sister brand to London’s biggest indie lifestyle publication, London On The Inside.

We like to give people the lowdown on the best of what’s going on in Brighton, Hove and beyond. Not the stuff everyone already knows about; we’re more about the slightly under-the-radar events, from the best pop-ups, places to eat and cultural happenings, to the coolest bars, new openings and areas to explore.

And here’s where we’re a bit different to some other mags out there: We only write about things we genuinely rate. So, if it’s on the site, it has the BOTI stamp of approval.

As well as curating the best of Brighton, we run lots of competitions and love to celebrate interesting locals and community initiatives, and support Sussex indie brands and businesses in everything we do.

Can you give us the insider scoop about any great events coming up in the next few weeks/months?

If you haven’t had enough festival action this summer, one more is Ridgeview’s Sussex sparkling wine fiesta, Ridgefest.

August also sees the return of the brilliantly inventive Brighton and Hove Shakespeare Micro Festival - neither the cast nor the audience know what play will be performed until the week of the show.

Another of our must-see events is the annual world pea-throwing championships in Lewes (12th August). And yes, it is every bit as brilliantly ridiculous as it sounds.

If you haven’t been to a Sound Affects night yet - an evening of talks about music and subcultures - we’d recommend checking out their next dates in August.

Further ahead, there’s the Psych du Soleil music weekender at intimate venue The Hope and Ruin in September, and October sees the return of the UK’s largest LGBTQ+ literary festival, The Coast is Queer.

And if you want to get a head start on your 2024 plans, we’d recommend signing up for the next ticket release for the Nest Collective’s Singing with Nightingales, a magical after-dark woodland gig just outside Brighton.

Food-wise, Ciaran (of the much-missed Ciaran’s) is doing another pop-up on 18th August (@ciaranpopup). We’d also recommend Fakeaway - your favourite takeaway reimagined on a china plate. They’re back with the second edition of this great concept on 12th August.

And for something (much) higher end, if you have the budget, this Regency-inspired dinner inside the glorious Royal Pavilion featuring an array of Brighton chefs, is bound to be spectacular (30th September).

I could go on and on here, but obviously we’d love you to visit BOTI, so keep an eye on our website and weekly guides for more inspo!

What new restaurants are on your radar that we need to try?

Oh, there’s so many! We’re still loving Embers, the wood-fired restaurant from Dave Marrow and Isaac Bartlett-Copeland that opened in April.

Dave Mothersill’s Furna is a masterclass in fine-dining (you can try their tasting menu for £55 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings until the end of August), nailing everything from the food and drinks to the decor and ambience.

And if you haven’t been to the tiny Palmito in Hove yet - their use of spice is second to none - get yourself there while you still can. It’s not just us that’s raved about it, The Times’ Giles Coren couldn’t get enough.

Prefer the pub? We really rate fried chicken geniuses Alberta’s at The Windmill.

New fine-dining restaurant Tern on Worthing Pier is worth checking out, too. I know it’s not Brighton, but it’s only a short train hop away and the foodie scene there is getting better all the time.

Vineyard dining is also a summer highlight for the BOTI gang - this one’s a little further afield, but Kinsbrook’s new restaurant (and chilled red wine Chough au Vin) is an absolute delight.

What are your top 3 cafes or coffee shops in Brighton?

Just three? Ooh, that’s hard. Right now, I’m going to say Loam (still totally obsessed with their cinnamon buns), and I’m also really loving newcomer Dandy. It’s seriously stylish and the coffee is top-notch. I also rate No13 on Lewes Road - they have possibly the best decaf in the city as they grind the beans freshly for each coffee. They also do excellent cheese and bean toasties. Can I have a fourth? I’ve been a regular at White Cloud Coffee on the Circus Street development since they opened. Again, great coffee, banging brunches (courtesy of chef Sean Brailsford, owner of Fumar Cozinha), and it looks great. Oops, and a fifth: I couldn’t not include Oeuf, I’ve been going to this slice of Wes Anderson-inspired heaven since they launched in 2020 and I still love it just as much.

Any tips on good places to bring a laptop and work from?

I like roomy places where I can fuel up whilst working, so White Cloud Coffee is good, as is Village in Hanover (lots of plug points and excellent brunches). Beach-side, Fika/Bison Beer at Sea Lanes, the cafe at Yellowave, downstairs at Rockwater in Hove, and The Grand are all great options for work with a side of view.

How can people connect with you/Brighton on the Inside?

You can sign up to our newsletter on the website ( and you’ll find us on most of the socials (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, TikTok and Threads) too. We’re also planning on hosting some more events soon, so if there’s something you’d like to see more of or an event/some news you’d like to tell us about, please drop us a line (

To find out more about Projects events, panel talks and networking evenings, sign up for our newsletter here!


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