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The Future of Work Spaces: Inspiring, Productive and Purposeful #What'sWorking?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has undergone a profound transformation. The rise of flexible work arrangements, remote work and digital technologies has reshaped how we approach our professional lives.

Yet, despite the newfound freedom of remote work, not everyone wishes to abandon the traditional office entirely. The shared work space industry has learnt that it must evolve to meet the changing needs of the workforce, providing places that inspire, unite and offer something distinct from the home office experience.

At Projects, we understand the importance of adapting to these societal shifts and are committed to leading the way in creating the future of work spaces. We’re going to be outlining what we believe work spaces of the future will look like and why implementing changes to support a workforce who want their work lives to be different to the generations before them is so important.

Productivity and purpose in the office

Recent studies have unveiled valuable insights into the preferences of Gen Z and Young Millennials regarding their time spent in the office. Unlike previous generations, they view the office as a place of productivity and learning, a space that empowers them to grow and excel. These digital natives seek more than just a desk and a chair; they desire an environment optimised for efficiency and knowledge sharing.

The 3 pillars of the future of work space, determined by the latest generation of workers are:

  • Inspiration: The office of the future should be designed to inspire. It should be a place where creativity thrives. At Projects, we’re dedicated to creating work spaces that foster a culture of inspiration. From unique architectural designs to carefully curated interiors, our spaces are designed to motivate individuals and teams alike.

  • Productivity: Efficiency is the lifeblood of modern work spaces. The future office should offer a variety of zones tailored to different tasks, from quiet spaces for focused work to collaborative areas for brainstorming.

  • Purpose: Gone are the days of generic office settings. The future of work spaces is all about purpose. You need to be able to create an environment that reflects your company's mission and values. McKinsey found in a recent survey that 63% of people said they want their employer to provide more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day work. Finding a work space that supports you in doing that is key.

Wellbeing in the workplace

We believe that employee wellbeing is paramount when it comes to running a successful organisation and that the office plays a pivotal role in this regard. Access to quality amenities and dedicated spaces for wellbeing activities within the work place significantly improve people’s moods and encourage a healthy work life balance. Projects prioritises its team and members’ wellbeing by providing ergonomic furniture, an abundance of natural light, fitness facilities, movement focuses classes, regular de-stressing activities like massages and breath-work classes, and cosy relaxation areas. A calm and happy workforce is a more productive one in the long run.


In a world where the concept of work is continually evolving, work spaces must be as flexible as the modern workforce itself. For futurist workers, who often embrace gig work, freelancing or project-based collaborations, rigid and long-term contracts are simply outdated. The work space of the future recognises this need for flexibility, offering adaptable lease agreements and membership options that align with the ever-changing demands of today's professionals. By breaking free from traditional leases, work spaces can empower futurist workers to choose the terms that suit them best, whether it's for a day, a month or longer. This flexibility not only meets the diverse needs of modern professionals but also fosters a dynamic and inclusive work environment that encourages innovation and creativity.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of work, one thing is certain when it comes to creating a workspace that people will truly benefit from and that’s being adaptive to their changing needs and respectful of their purpose-driven aspirations.

Projects remains committed to creating workspaces that inspire, unite and offer something extraordinary that cannot be replicated at home. Whether you are an employer seeking to provide your team with an inspiring, productive and purposeful work space, or an individual looking for a workplace that supports your growth and wellbeing, Projects is here to meet your needs. Explore our innovative offerings and experience firsthand how our spaces can empower you and your team.

This blog is the first in our ‘What’s Working?’ series which will showcase the future of work, highlight the importance of personal development and provide insights into the better business movement. It aims to inspire individuals and organisations alike to embrace new ways of working, prioritise creating and maintaining a healthy work life balance and use their business as a force for good. Stay tuned for future blogs, social media posts and the launch of our new podcast, all of which we hope will help you to find out ‘What’s Working’ best for you in the world of work.

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