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Introducing Our New In House Photographer: Alida Bea

We’re very excited to announce Alida Bea as our new in-house photographer. As well as capturing our spaces, events and offerings Alida will be running a new initiative for members called Shoot & Share. Shoot & Share will offer members the opportunity to book a 15 minute shoot once a month with Alida to get some casual content for their social media of them working in the Projects space. We’ll be announcing exactly how you can book these sessions very soon. We sat down for a chat with the lovely Alida to talk all things photography, creative inspiration and her fave things about living in Brighton.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey into professional photography I decided whilst doing my post a-level photography course that university wasn’t for me, so rather than applying I carried on interning and assisting photographers, shadowing shoots and working exhibitions. I did a mixture of jobs whilst working for various fashion photographers and whilst temping in London at Topshop’s E-comm Studio helping get samples ready for shooting, a junior photographer role came up that I applied for and successfully got. I would shoot the stills for the website and over my 3 years being there I would go on to shoot their creative campaigns for their socials, website homepage and in-store imagery. I would also photograph the models which developed my skills in movement and direction of people, having an eye for details and how to best sell a product. Since then I have shot for Adidas, Asos, Model agencies and various local small businesses. What do you love most about photography? There is no better feeling as a photographer when you can tell the sitter is feeling confident and enjoying the shoot – the light is right, the playlist is perfect and everyone is feeling excited and inspired. What are your favourite kinds of images to shoot? My favourite images are when I feel I have captured a moment in time and the person’s personality is shining through. I like my style whether it be a fashion shoot, an event or a portrait session to be like a fly on the wall. I want to capture a feeling, a memory and a special moment that tells a story that can be told years down the line. What has been your favourite project to date and why? A few years ago I decided to put on an exhibition of a body of work that had been naturally unfolding for years called ‘Ungracious’. I had already started taking photos of my friends doing things that would be considered ‘unladylike’. Once I had decided to put on the show I created more images and the exhibition involved photos of my friends flashing in fields, spitting drinks at the camera, swinging off lampposts and the like. I made a zine of the project to sell at the exhibition and had a local female dj play. The project was a tongue in cheek liberating experience and there was something so freeing about letting my female friends be ‘gross’ and wild. We had a lot of fun making the images! Have you got any exciting projects coming up? I’m really excited to be brought on board as the In House Photographer here at Projects. I love working and being surrounded by like minded people and it’s been so much fun to capture the events. We have some great things coming up and I’m really excited about our new offer for members called ‘Shoot and Share’. Members will be able to book a 15 minute shoot once a month to get some casual content for their social media of them working in the Projects space. I love to create imagery for people and small businesses that shows them doing what they love and best of all – it’s free! What are some outlets/publications/fellow photographers that inspire you? One of my all time favourite photographers is Corinne Day, she was a pioneer in fashion photography back in the 90’s and was one of the first people to shoot Kate Moss. I’m also massively inspired by film stills and tv shows so I get a lot of excitement from cinematography and soundtracks. My favourite magazines are Apartamento and Record, very similar in that they both photograph people in their amazing homes and is an excellent mix of portraits and still life. Record magazine is a focus on musicians and producers so there are often shots of people’s amazing record collections and instruments. As you can tell music is also a big inspiration for me, I do love seeing people lost in the moment at a festival or gig and having a good boogie! What’s your no.1 tip or nugget of wisdom for anybody looking to get into photography either as a hobby or professionally? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the gear and technicalities but sometimes the simplest of set ups gives you the freedom to play and explore. Play around with what excites you to discover your style, take photos of friends and family when you have ideas and don’t stress if something looks rubbish – a good shot is around the corner. Another nugget that worked for me is don’t be shy to reach out to people whose work you like. I would always email photographers whose work I liked to see if they wouldn’t mind me shadowing a shoot, if they had any advice and even offer to buy them a coffee for their time. I have emailed people all over the world and some of the best advice I have received has been in those emails. Quick Fire Q’s What’s your favourite thing about living in Brighton? Being by the sea and being able to walk everywhere Where is your go-to spot for coffee and brunch? 44 Poets!! The best coffee in Hove and the nicest staff – go go go Apart from photography, what’s your favourite hobby? I’m a granny at heart and love to sew my own clothes and knit. I’ve started to teach myself to crochet as well which is a nice thing to do in front of the telly To see more of Alida’s work head to her website here, and make sure to follow her Instagram here.


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