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Introducing our Sustainability Ambassador: Lucy Walsh

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses of all sizes and industries, it's essential to have dedicated individuals who can guide us toward more environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.

Meet Lucy Walsh, our Projects Sustainability Ambassador for the next six months. She's here to deliver a comprehensive programme of talks, drop-in clinics, resources and blogs focused on sustainable business practices!

Getting to know Lucy

Lucy is no stranger to the world of sustainability. Having called Brighton home for the past 3 ½ years, she made the move from London just before the world changed with lockdowns and remote work.

Lucy is the driving force behind B Sussed, a consultancy firm dedicated to sustainability and wellbeing. Her mission? To help businesses and organisations achieve their sustainability goals.

Lucy's client portfolio spans a wide spectrum within the built environment, including planners, architects, developers, contractors, universities and SMEs. Her professional services encompass everything from developing sustainability strategies to their implementation and reporting.

She specialises in providing support for planning applications with sustainability and energy reports, sustainable fit-out advice, Ska and BREEAM certification, carbon reduction planning, training, sustainable procurement, and offering bespoke sustainability guidance.

Lucy's role as our Sustainability Ambassador

Lucy is thrilled to take on the role of Projects' Sustainability Ambassador. She's excited to connect with the Projects community and engage in meaningful conversations about where they currently stand on their sustainability journey. Furthermore, Lucy aims to help them plan their next steps toward a more sustainable future for your business.

Throughout her tenure, Lucy will be offering one-on-one sessions for members, scheduled for 2-4pm on the third Thursday of every month for the next six months. This personalised approach allows members to delve deep into their sustainability goals and challenges while receiving expert guidance from Lucy herself.

Additionally, keep an eye out for upcoming talks and events hosted by Lucy which will be open to the public, such as our Sustainability Breakfasts (launching on the 12th of October at 8am). These events promise to be insightful and informative, offering you the chance to learn from an expert in the field and connect with fellow members who share your passion for sustainability.

Lucy Walsh's dedication to sustainability and her extensive experience in the field make her the ideal choice as your Projects' first Sustainability Ambassador. Her role is not only about sharing knowledge but also about fostering a community of environmentally conscious businesses within the Projects' network!

So, whether you're just starting your sustainability journey or looking to take the next big step, Lucy is here to guide you. Book a one-on-one session, mark your calendars for her upcoming talks and let's embark on this sustainability journey together. With Lucy's expertise and your commitment, we can make a meaningful impact on our businesses and the planet.

See you at the upcoming events!


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