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Introducing our Wellbeing Ambassador: Caroline Rose

The way we are able to show up in our lives is so closely connected to our wellbeing. What we can give to our personal lives, our careers, our families, our free time and our dreams and goals, depends firstly on how we look after our bodies, our minds and our health.

Wellness is such a core part of life, and is something we value deeply at Projects. It encompasses many different aspects of health; our physical health, mental health and emotional health, and even our financial, professional and spiritual health. 

When we nourish ourselves with the right foods, move our bodies in supportive ways and create space for reducing stress, we allow ourselves the opportunity to connect with the version of ourselves we want and deserve to be. Once looking after ourselves in those ways becomes second nature, we have the time and energy to focus on what is most important in our lives. 

Sometimes knowing what is best for our own wellbeing can feel overwhelming, particularly with all the different information available to us. This is why having guidance from professionals can take the stress out of your choices, and help you to navigate the incredible yet intricate world of wellness in order to connect you with feeling your best. 

Meet Caroline Rose, our new Wellbeing Ambassador, who is here to help Projects’ members learn how to refuel, de-stress and optimise their health. Caroline Rose is a Registered Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, as well as a Breathwork Coach in training. Caroline works with clients 1:1, supporting them to restore their gut health, rebalance their hormones, reduce the impacts of stress and inflammation on the body, and reconnect with their optimal health. 

Caroline first moved to Brighton in 2021 in search of a pace of life more aligned with her values, where she could slow down and look after her body, connect with a community who share her passion for health, and spend more time in nature and by the sea. She went through such a transformative journey with her own gut health and hormonal health, that she decided to train as a Nutritionist and a Breathwork Coach to help others do the same. She loves creating new recipes (especially involving dark chocolate..) - you can check out her Instagram here

Caroline also delivers workplace wellbeing workshops and wellness day retreats and will be bringing all of her expertise to you all at Projects. She will be holding a monthly drop-in nutrition and wellness clinic for 1:1 mini sessions, as well as sharing a monthly wellness blog and giving talks on a range of different wellbeing topics, all to help you boost your current and long term health and happiness. 

We are getting started with Caroline Rose’s first nutrition and wellness drop-in clinic on Wednesday 21st February from 11am-1pm, there are just five spots available so grab your spot here. Sessions are 15 minutes and you’ll receive a foundational nutrition and wellness plan with some key steps to take that are specific to your health. You’ll then also get the chance to get to the top of the waiting list to work with Caroline 1:1 more intensively, receiving deeply supportive and personalised advice with your nutrition, mindset, health and wellness.

Five of Caroline Rose’s Favourite Wellness Spots in Brighton

There are so many beautiful places in Brighton to recharge, refuel and look after your mind and body, so here are five of my current favourite wellness spots to try out:

Bror Cafe

Bror cafe is a hub of wellness goodness. Firstly, their acai bowls are delicious and so gorgeously decorated with toppings (tip: acai is one of the most antioxidant and anti-inflammatory berries you can get, so it’s well worth starting your weekends with a bowl of it). Their salad bar has got a lot of variety to choose from to build a healthy lunch bowl that actually fills you up. And then to the best bit - if you know me well, you’ll also know that I am obsessed with the tahini cookies at Bror, and using all whole food ingredients, these cookies are a healthy treat that your body will love. Being partly Norwegian, I love Scandinavian interiors, which you absolutely get in this minimalist but cosy haven. 


With two beautiful studios nestled in Kemptown, Humankind offers a blend of reformer pilates, yoga, sound baths and workshops. They have the most welcoming community of teachers and members; it’s one of those places where you feel so supported at whichever level you are at with these modalities. Their reformer pilates classes are strengthening, dynamic and fun and you feel completely reset after them; they also offer foundation classes if you’re just getting into it. There are different types of yoga from vinyasa to yin and you can get cosy with a sound bath snuggled in the winter cabin style studio. Sound baths activate the parasympathetic branch of our nervous system, the rest and digest branch, that allows full-body healing to occur. Weekly visits to Humankind are a key part of my wellness routine. 

Laughing Dog

Tucked away near the Marina, this is a hidden little secret for a Sunday morning if you want to get out of the hustle of central Brighton. This is the perfect place to pick up a superfood smoothie (their cacao and cashew smoothie tastes better than a snickers bar and is packed with brain-boosting nutrients) or sit in for their peanut butter, chia seed jam and banana sourdough toast, before heading for a dog walk along the cliffs and sea. You can then take a trip across the South Downs past Ovingdean and admire the 360 views. A perfect morning plan to get that clear-headed feeling. 


SEAGYM is an outdoor fitness studio interlinked with Sea Lanes, the open water swimming centre that runs along the sea. SEAGYM is such an energising place to come and do an exercise class, as you feel like you’re working out right on the beach. Exercising outside gives an even greater boost in endorphins, serotonin and dopamine so this is the perfect place to come and shake off any funky energy and elevate your mood. You can choose from small group training or personal training and my favourite class is the TRX: Core & Stretch class. 

Beach Box Sauna Spa

The benefits of getting in a sauna regularly are endless. More than ever we need extra support to clear toxins from our bodies, and saunas are the best (and most fun/cosy/relaxing) way to do that. And why not do that with a sunset, on the beach, in the most perfect setting. Beach Box Sauna Spa gives you that feeling of turning up at a Nordic retreat and you can literally feel the stress melting away when you enter. They have an abundance of beautiful events from their full moon evenings to sisterhood sessions as well as express slots for a weeknight fix. Using saunas regularly can increase your metabolism, reduce stress, improve sleep and boost your skin health, so coming here as often as I can is always on my list. 

For more information on how to work with me 1:1, here are all the details for where you can find me:

Written by Caroline Rose 


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