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Coworking vs Working From Home: What’s Best for You?

Working life in 2023 looks a lot different than it did even 5 years ago. With hybrid, remote and work-from-home shaking things up, flexibility is well and truly in. With this flexibility comes a question on many people’s lips – what’s the best working environment for me?

For the self-employed, the two main options are coworking spaces and working from home, but which is better? We had a chat with different Projects members about the benefits of coworking vs working from home, so we could get the low down on what each can bring to your working life. What are the benefits of coworking?

1. Networking opportunities A no-brainer benefit of coworking spaces is the social opportunities that come with them. By working in a coworking space, you open yourself up to a social bubble outside of your norm and one that breeds not only networking opportunities that can benefit your business but also life-long friendships and connections.

Matt Boyd, founder of Exceptional Individuals said ‘Joining Projects massively expanded my social circle and I’ve made genuine friends for life here. I love that it introduced me to so many different creatives and business owners who I may never have met if it wasn’t for coworking’ 2. Membership perks and events Joining a coworking space comes with many different member perks. With local discounts, free exercise classes, member socials, and gym access, getting a coworking membership means buying much more than just a desk space. It can also save you money on fitness too!

Chris Sadler, Editor of BN1 magazine said ‘A fantastic benefit of co-working at Projects is the entertaining social events and the added wellbeing classes. I find it a great way to make new friends, whilst keeping an active lifestyle.’ 3. Increases productivity We’ve all been there – you’re in your pajamas, working from your bed, starting to doze off before being rudely awakened by the sound of a Slack notification. Working from home can make it easier than ever to relax a little too much.

In comparison, coming into a co-working space puts you in a productive environment where you’re unable to nod off, and puts you next to people who you can bounce off of instead. Conversation = stimulation and there’s an abundance of it in coworking spaces. Tony Burke, founder of Foxtrot Oscar said ‘I’ve worked in ad agencies all my life which are pretty lively sociable places. And as a creative and filmmaker I feed off that energy and interaction. You don’t get that in your everyday home surroundings. It’s just not the same. The energy is completely different.’

What are the benefits of working from home?

1. Saves you money An undeniable benefit of working from home is the money it can save you. No expense on a commute, homemade lunches, and no cafe tempting you to buy a mid-afternoon sugary snack can be very beneficial for your bank account.

Lucy Potter, founder of Fox & Church Studio said ‘Working from home can definitely save you a bit of money because you’re not commuting and you’re making all your food and drink from home, but you do still have to pay for heating and energy and of course, you don’t get the perks of a co-working space. I use the 80-hour membership at Projects which gives me the best of both worlds.’ 2. Flexible working environment WFH means you can adapt and personalise your space however you want. Whether it’s buying the perfect ergonomic office chair, moving your desk to a spot with optimum mood-boosting lighting, or filling the room with oxygenizing house plants – you can alter and adapt the space to your heart’s content.

Cherry Jordan, founder of The Brain Spa said ‘It really is nice to sometimes wake up on a Monday morning and just sit at your desk (even though I have to wear a heated blanket!). I have a good setup at home, with a great chair which definitely helps. I know I can keep on my running trousers and just smarten up my top half (newsreader style!) if I’m a little behind schedule for my first meeting and the shower is only next door.’ 3. You can work from anywhere Remote working means you don’t need to be limited to a particular location – this gives you a greater range of job opportunities as well as more potential for travel alongside work or even the option to live the digital nomad lifestyle.

Lucy Sambrook, founder of PR For The People said ‘One of my 2023 goals is to travel more and working remotely makes that super achievable. I plan to work from Portugal for a couple of months which I wouldn’t be able to do if I had to be in-office’ The new working world is your oyster and there’s a whole host of benefits that come from WFH and coworking. So why not try out both to see which suits you better.

We offer a range of flexible membership options from half-day passes to 24/7 access. If you’re interested in giving coworking a go, you can book a free trial day or get in touch get in touch with us today.


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