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June's Trend Report into the World of Work

Welcome to our Trend Report into the World of Work - your monthly guide to navigating the ever changing landscape of workplace culture.

Authored by Alex Young, Director of Projects, and Alana Harris, our Brand Manager, this series aims to keep you informed and inspired with the latest developments and insights shaping how we work today. As the world evolves, so too does the way we approach our professional lives.

From innovative office furniture designs to insightful analyses of shifting workforce trends, we're here to bring you the essential updates that will help you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of work.

This FT report explores the transformative changes in the work place driven by technology, globalisation and now artificial intelligence (AI). It begins with the story of Tia Lee, a makeup artist who transitioned from a part-time job at Macy's to a successful career, highlighting the importance of interpersonal skills in service jobs. The piece delves into the impact of technological advancements and global trade over the past two decades, leading to significant job losses in certain occupations while fostering growth in others that require face-to-face interaction and social fluency. The article also discusses broader social implications, including the growing participation of women in high-paying occupations due to the increasing importance of social skills. We found the conclusion, that workers need to improve their human interaction abilities to adapt to the ongoing and future changes in the job market, really valuable.

The first 16 tech companies have signed up to voluntary artificial intelligence safety standards

Humans and AI co-pilots working together, increased AI literacy, and permanent workplace flexibility mark what Thomas Friedman calls our "Promethean moment"—a significant technological cycle driving widespread change. This moment affects HR profoundly, introducing new roles and workstreams essential for the future

In this episode of the Coworking Values Podcast with Nook Wellness Pods, Emily speaks with Alex Young, the Director of Projects. They discuss the significance of accessibility in shared workspaces and how Projects is leading the way in creating inclusive environments. Alex shares practical advice on advocating for accessibility needs, designing spaces to be universally accessible, and listening to those who face accessibility challenges.Tune in to learn how inclusive design can make a difference in the workplace and the wider community.

How does it work, you ask? “Like a giant vacuum,” explained CNN. Steel fans suck in air, chemicals strip the carbon out of the air and the carbon is locked away in underground lava where it naturally transforms into stone. The whole operation is powered by Iceland’s “abundant, clean geothermal energy”, CNN added. The plant - operated by Swiss company Climeworks and known as “Mammoth” - is the largest direct air capture (DAC) facility of its kind in the world. But it will still only extract 36,000 tonnes of CO2 a year, equivalent to just 30 seconds of the world’s annual carbon emissions, said The Times.

Chronoworking is set to be one of the biggest work health trends of the year. All about working with your natural circadian rhythm, the term was coined by Stylist writer Ellen Scott. She describes “I want workplaces to allow early birds to work earlier shifts and to consider breaks in the afternoon when few of us are at our most productive. Maybe we could consider altering winter work hours so we get more sunlight exposure, too.”

And there you have it - your monthly dose of insights into the evolving world of work.

We hope you found this instalment of our new Trend Report into the World of Work enlightening. We are committed to providing you with the latest trends, developments and strategies to navigate the complexities of modern work life successfully. Stay tuned for next month's edition, where we'll delve into even more exciting updates and innovations shaping the future of work. Until then, keep striving, adapting and thriving in your professional endeavours.

Feel free to submit your own trend here, we'd love to hear from you!


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