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What is a B Corp? Everything you need to know

Did you know that March is B Corp month? As a pending B Corp, we thought we’d give you the low-down on what the term actually means and what the process behind obtaining the certification is.

Matt Miller, Location Manager at Projects The Lanes said: “My first instinct when joining the Projects team was to establish a firm understanding of our environmental standing. As the company grew into a second site, working towards achieving its B-Corp certification, we knew getting things right at the beginning of a fast growing expansion was essential. From our locally sourced, recyclable, glass bottled milk (the oat alternative being surprisingly tastier than the fan favourite Oatly, and being completely Tetra Pak free!), to our cleaning and housekeeping team using only eco-friendly products, we’ve spent that little extra time and money to make a positive impact on our carbon footprint.”

So what does B Corp actually mean? B Corp Certification to businesses is what Fairtrade is to coffee. It’s awarded to businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Businesses of all sizes and across (nearly) any industry can apply to become a B Corp. It’s all about demonstrating that there are better ways of doing business and that every company has the ability to balance purpose and profit, making sure their practices benefit people and the planet. Our B Corp Journey We’ve been working towards becoming B Corp certified since 2021. Anyone going through the process will tell you that it’s rigorous and for good reason. It ensures companies are actionably meeting standards on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

We wanted to break down how we’re striving to meet standards in different areas.

Community We really value the communities in which we operate, hire from, and source from. We understand how important it is to evaluate our impact on these communities, which is why we regularly review our policies and practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s crucial for us to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, so we seek feedback from our members and stakeholders to make sure we’re on the right track. We believe that by taking these steps, we can build stronger relationships with the people and places that matter most to us. Environment We take our environmental impact seriously and strive to be responsible providers. We take a look at everything from our energy and water consumption to waste generation and transportation practices as well as supply chain and distribution channels to determine our impact on the environment.

We prioritize sustainable practices like reducing our energy and water consumption, implementing recycling programs, and promoting alternative transportation methods. We also make sure to source environmentally-friendly products and services whenever possible.

We also make sure to get involved in environmental initiatives in our community, supporting things like local clean-up efforts and conservation projects.

Customers We know how important it is to provide ethical marketing, data privacy and security, and effective feedback channels for our members and visitors.

To make sure that we’re offering the best possible services, we conduct regular audits of our marketing practices. We believe in being honest and transparent in our marketing, and we make sure that we’re not making any false claims. It’s important to us that our members and visitors trust us, and we work hard to maintain that trust. Data privacy and security are also a top priority for us. We understand that our members’ information is sensitive, and we have measures in place to protect it. We take our responsibility to safeguard their data seriously and ensure that it’s secure.

We just want to cover the basics so we also actively seek feedback from our members to understand their needs, preferences, and concerns. It’s only through listening to them that we can improve our services and operations. We want to create a positive and productive work environment that meets the needs of our members. By prioritizing these aspects, we believe that we can maintain our members’ trust and loyalty. It’s essential to us that our members feel safe and secure, and we’re dedicated to making sure that they do. Governance We’re always striving to make a positive impact on our stakeholders by being aligned with our values. That’s why we regularly evaluate our company’s mission, engagement around our social and environmental impact, ethics, and transparency.

Recently, we revisited our mission statement to ensure that it guides our decision-making processes. We wanted to make sure that it’s clear, concise, and effectively communicates our purpose to our stakeholders. So, we updated our tagline to ‘the home for better business.’ You’ll be seeing it used more, and hopefully, you’ll feel that all of our initiatives clearly demonstrate how much our mission informs our actions.

We’ve also been assessing our social and environmental impact by reviewing our practices and policies around sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. We’ve analyzed our data to understand the impact we’re having on our community, such as the number of jobs created here and the amount of waste we’re diverting from landfills.

We take ethics and transparency seriously here at Projects. We’ve been assessing our policies around confidentiality, conflict of interest, and data privacy, and ensuring that we’re transparent about our decision-making processes and financial operations with our team and partners.

‘We’re always looking for ways to improve, and that’s why we’re going to be seeking feedback from our stakeholders more regularly to understand their perceptions of our ethics and transparency. We want to make sure that we’re meeting their expectations and providing the best possible experience for everyone involved’ Alex, Director of Strategy, Brand and Culture told us.

Workers As a coworking space, we think that the key to running a successful site is by prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of our team. That’s why we regularly assess how we’re contributing to their overall happiness and job satisfaction.

To make sure that we’re doing our best for our team, we take a look at our financial security measures, including employee compensation and benefits. We want to make sure that our team is being fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication. Additionally, we review our health and safety protocols to make sure that our team is working in a safe and healthy environment.

But it’s not just about the basics – we want our team to feel supported both personally and professionally. That’s why we provide access to mental health resources and wellness programs. We also allocate budgets for upskilling opportunities so that our team can continue to grow and develop in their careers.

We’re all about feedback too! We seek input from our team to understand their needs, preferences, and concerns. By listening to their feedback, we can gauge their engagement and satisfaction with their work experience. We believe that it’s essential to regularly evaluate these areas so that we can continue to improve our company’s contributions to our team’s well-being and job satisfaction.

At the end of the day, our team is the heart and soul of our company. By prioritizing their well-being and satisfaction, we can build a happy and successful work environment for everyone.

Bonnie James, Community Manager here at Projects says ‘Working at Projects is special. The company culture feels like a family where we have mutual love and support for each other, creating a workplace environment that is both enjoyable and productive. The company culture is one of involvement and appreciation. I feel that my contributions to the organization are recognized and valued, and that my efforts are helping to drive the company’s success.’

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